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Time to double your Cooking Pleasure!

Time To Double Your Cooking Pleasure!

Now is the perfect time to purchase a Double Wall Oven for a new home, remodel, or that worn-out oven. With more families staying home, it pays to invest in a long-lasting product to give your family years of great cooking. Meal prep becomes a breeze when a state-of-the-art double wall oven takes over kitchen duties.

Today’s double wall ovens are fast becoming a home chef’s dream come true. Sleek and stylish with an ultra-seamless appearance, they offer a look of beauty while helping you create incredible dishes every day.

Why are Double Wall Ovens a great investment?

If you are tired of having to wait until the main course or sides are done, a double wall oven allows you to cook different dishes, at different temps, all at the same time. No more putting half a meal on the table for your family or guests. There is plenty of space (over 100 liters of capacity) for cooking big meals. The newest models make fast work of preheating and the upper and lower parts of the oven give off an even distribution of heat according to the Neff Kitchen. Entertaining is a breeze with plenty of time to time to spend with friends instead of worrying about what to put in the oven next.

What types of features are available?

  • Large capacity
  • 10 cooking modes for delicious results
  • Dual vert cross convection for consistent heat
  • Gourmet features
  • Standard or flush-mount installation
  • Color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Smart technology
  • Electric/Gas options
  • Various sizes
  • Broiling Elements
  • Grill/Steamer Attachments

What are some easy-to-use product options?

  • Satin Glide Roll-out Extension Rack: (lower oven) makes using large or heavy bakeware easier to load and unload with sure-grip handles.
  • 10-Pass Bake Element: allows for even cooking coverage in every inch of the wall oven.
  • Wave Touch® Control: just a simple touch and the control panel activation shows your cooking options. After you make your choices, all but the options selected fade away, returning to an elegant display.
  • Cool-to-touch doors: for those little chefs running around the kitchen this feature uses multi-layer panels to help keep the doors cool to the touch.
  • Anywhere controls with remote notifications: save time by preheating and monitoring your oven from anywhere.
  • Voice Control: with a compatible voice-enabled device (U.S. only) you can start your double wall oven while you are busy doing other things. Your WIFI appliances will respond. Available on several voice activation platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo.

Are there different size models?

These appliance beauties are available in 24, 27, 30 and 36-inch widths to fit the size of standard cabinets. If you are looking for one for new construction, the 30-inch model is sold often. Replacing an existing unit, the 24 to 27-inch widths are most common. A fit system allows for the customization of wall oven installation to match the height of existing cabinets through flexible design elements.

How we can help?

With so many models and incredible features available, you will find just the right one to fit your home and budget. The team at Garner Appliance and Mattress are ready to help you design and select the perfect Double Wall Oven model for years of great cooking. Check out our amazing selection of double wall ovens from the appliance names and brands you trust. We are here to serve you and look forward to ensuring a great customer experience.

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