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The Magic of Microwaves

The Magic Of Microwaves

Have you ever wondered how often we hit the microwave button daily? It comes as no surprise that this little appliance is used from morning to night and takes on the biggest cooking tests.

Like most of us, you probably reheat your coffee or that leftover pizza slice, but don’t take the time to use all the great cooking features that comes with it. A microwave is just waiting for a chance to prove how talented it truly is for making our food and lives easier and more efficient.

At Garner Appliance and Mattress, we can show you the versatility of the latest microwave appliances on the market today. Check out the complete line of microwaves on our website and then talk to one of our experts if you’re looking to replace that worn out model or purchase a new state-of-the-art microwave.

A little Microwave history

The microwave went mainstream in 1967, going from just commercial use to homes and it hasn’t looked back since. They began popping up on kitchen countertops and became a household fixture for families everywhere.

With 21st century technology the microwave has developed into an essential product for millions of homes, offices, and commercial use.

What’s cooking today?

You can take the heat out of the kitchen with today’s microwaves. With so many models, styles and features available the microwave has become an invaluable part of everyday life for families. If you are in search of a new over-the-range model, countertop style, convection microwave or built-in, start by looking for brands with great functions:

  • Even heat
  • Speed
  • Power levels
  • Quiet
  • High-performance
  • Wattage- the higher the wattage the better the function
  • Internal Humidity Sensor with auto-off technology
  • Dual-purpose – Convection Microwaves
  • Touchpads
  • Smart technology – Voice Controls
  • Smooth touch glass
  • Easy Clean functions

Know before you go!

Talk to our team first about the variety and options available. We can help guide your microwave selection process to fit your home and lifestyle.

Countertop style: be sure to measure your space and under-counter cabinet height. If space is limited, you may want to look for a smaller model. Typical wattage is around 600 – 1,200 watts.

Over-the-Range: be sure to measure the opening above your cooktop, as these models are usually wider than a countertop style. These models usually have vent systems and will help illuminate your cooktop range. Typical wattage is around 600 – 1,200 watts.

Built-In: be sure to measure the space as built-ins are placed among your cabinets and you’ll want to ensure that it fits perfectly in the space. Typical wattage is around 600 – 1,200 watts.

What’s your dream model?

The secret is out – we love our microwaves and enjoy their place in our kitchen and lives. From broiling, convection-microwaving, and sensor technology you can roast veggies, cook chicken, and bake a cake with ease.

No more standing by the microwave to see if your food is done. From smart invertor options for even cooking, child locks and even “Ask Alexa” features round out the latest models to give you more family time and less time over a hot stove. With stylish finishes and sleek designs, your dream model is right around the corner.

Don’t just take our word for it, come by to see us at Garner Appliance and Mattress!

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